About Telex

Telex Metals is the minor metals supplier, manufacturer and recycler known for the quality of our processes and products—and the integrity of our people.

A respected global source of tantalum, tungsten and niobium, Telex has purchased hundreds of tons of tantalum, and converted tantalum-containing secondary raw materials (scrap) into value-added products for our customers, saving them millions of dollars.

Driven by performance, we’re more than a metal broker and recycler. Telex is a strategic business partner with the ability to meet customers’ key business needs, providing security of supply, settlement transparency, and the integrity to honor our commitments despite changing market conditions.

Our management team brings more than 150 years of combined metals industry experience to our customers, who count on our lean, dynamic organization for:

  • Value-added recycling and processing of minor metals into premium products. Our strategic sourcing and process technology approach enables Telex to cost-effectively convert raw materials into premium consumables—and pass those savings on to customers.
  • Guaranteed destruction of proprietary parts. Protect your product patents, every step of the way. Telex Metals guarantees the destruction and disfiguration of your scrap parts and issues a certificate of destruction to prove it.
  • Customer-focused, flexible solutions. From just-in-time delivery and inventory management to ensure security of supply to extended payment terms, transparent settlements and spot market/prepaid options, Telex Metals works with your business for maximum cost-efficiencies.
  • Industry expertise. At Telex Metals, we specialize in meeting the specific needs of companies serving the medical implant, hard metals, electronics, aerospace and superalloy industries.
  • Our proven commitment to quality and the environment. We are a certified EICC conflict-free smelter and U.S.-based manufacturer as well as OSHA, PA DEP and EPA compliant. We operate a zero-discharge facility; all liquid and physical waste is neutralized and shipped to an approved treatment facility for processing.

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