Telex Metals is the scrap buyer and processor you can trust for all forms of metal scrap and other recyclables that contain minor metals such as tantalum, tungsten, niobium, tantalum carbide (TaC), niobium carbide (NbC), nickel or cobalt.

At Telex, we not only buy scrap metal and other forms of metal-containing materials in many forms, we use our advanced technology to process and recycle these materials in an environmentally sound manner. These processes support our ethical sourcing of all our products.

Our experienced team will work with you when you are ready to sell your scrap metal, offer a fair price and safely process and recycle the material. The forms of scrap and metal-containing material we buy include:

  • Primary products
  • Secondary raw materials
  • Solids
  • Chips
  • Turnings
  • Sheet
  • Foil
  • Ribbon
  • Skeleton
  • Wire
  • Capacitors
  • Sputtering target scrap
  • Carbides
  • Slag
  • Baghouse dust
  • Catalysts
  • Filter cakes

We buy other types and forms of scrap, as well. If you have a different form of scrap or other metal-containing recyclable, just ask.

And with Telex, how you’re compensated for your metal-containing waste is up to you. You can receive payment for your scrap, and at the same time reduce your waste stream and save money on your disposal expense. Alternatively, the recovered metals can be returned to you, reducing your raw material costs—and enhancing your bottom line. When required, we also provide certified destruction services or your proprietary parts.

Telex Metals can help you make the most of your metal-containing scrap.

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