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High-tech metals are a specialty at Telex Metals. Suppliers to electronics manufacturers count on us for high-purity tantalum and niobium and their oxides at a competitive price—and we deliver.

Use of certain metals in electronics has enabled extensive progress in a variety of products. For example, the development of smaller and smaller tantalum capacitors have made it possible for electronic devices to shrink in size. Cell phones, computers and even the circuitry in automobile airbags have taken advantage of this trend.

Niobium capacitors have many of the same desirable qualities as tantalum capacitors but have characteristics that make them the components of choice in some applications.

In addition to providing metal materials to component manufacturers, Telex Metals recycles various grades of tantalum capacitors and sputtering targets and converts those materials back into synthetic raw material feedstocks that your company can then use to produce more capacitor grade tantalum metal powders and solids.

Telex also provides materials and services to companies serving other markets industries, including medical, hard metals and superalloy. Built on integrity and driven by performance, Telex can be an ideal strategic partner for your business offering the advantageous pricing, industry expertise, just-in-time delivery and inventory control today’s competitive environment demands.

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