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Manufacturers who serve the medical device industry depend on Telex Metals for quality and service in minor metals such as tantalum.

Widely used in the medical implants market because of its proven biocompatibility, surgical implants coated with tantalum typically experience faster acceptance into the patient’s body. This can be especially important in orthopedic implants, which must be highly compatible with the surrounding tissue.

Tantalum also is often selected for coating medical devices to make them visible in X-rays. As an X-ray marker, a tantalum coating on a surgical implant or a stent can be engineered to be radio-opaque, semi-opaque or nearly transparent to X-rays.

The medical equipment industry also uses niobium, another metal Telex supplies to manufacturers, in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMR) equipment.

In addition to metals supply, Telex also performs certified destruction of scrapped surgical implants. Our dedicated processing line, used exclusively for destructive disassembly of scrap implant parts, allows the reclaimed material to be recycled efficiently, leaving no trace of the prior application. We even provide a certificate of destruction to prove it. Metals destroyed by Telex typically include surgical grade stainless steel, titanium and T-6Al-4V alloys, as well as cobalt and Co-Cr alloys.

See how Telex Metals’ expertise in serving the medical implants industry can benefit your business (and improve the health of your bottom line).

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