Telex Metals will buy and recycle your scrap and other material that contains such minor metals as nickel, cobalt, tantalum and niobium.

By selling us your scrap, process residues and similar materials, you can offset some of the original cost of the materials and add to your bottom line. Scrap metal prices reflect the market price of the metal and the metal content or composition of your scrap.

At Telex, we have developed the expertise and the technologies needed to process, recover and recycle metals from primary products, scrap, by-products, raw materials, secondary raw materials and other forms. We specialize in the minor metals used in such industries as medical, electronics, hard metals and superalloy. We purchase scrap and other materials that contain:

Telex Metals can become your partner in disposing of scrap and other materials that contain these metals. You receive payment for your scrap, and at the same time reduce your waste stream and save money on your disposal expense. Alternatively, the metals can be returned to you, further reducing your raw material costs—and enhancing your bottom line. When required, we also provide certified destruction services of your proprietary parts.

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