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Niobium Oxide (Nb205)

Niobium oxide is similar in properties to tantalum oxide. Used in capacitors and as an additive to optical lenses to adjust the refractive index, niobium oxide is also used in the manufacture of lithium niobate, a material used in optical waveguides and related applications.

Telex Metals provides niobium oxide in a carbide-grade powder at a highly competitive price.

In addition to the oxide, Telex also provides another niobium compound, niobium carbide (NbC). NbC is a very hard material with a melting point of near 3,500°C. It is used in hard metal applications such as cutting tools for machining metal.

Telex Metals can be your reliable, competitively priced source for other minor metals as well including:

Since we obtain much of our stock through our scrap metal business and state-of-the-art recycling processes, we offer consistent availability and a better niobium oxide or niobium price for you. Our metals are ethically sourced, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Telex is more than your metals supplier; we’re your strategic business partner. We offer customer-focused, flexible solutions, from just-in-time delivery and inventory management to extended payment terms and spot market/prepaid options to meet the needs of your business—and the bottom line.

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