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Tungsten Metal (Pure)

Tungsten metal is almost as dense as gold. It is a shiny gray color and has a very high melting point of 3,422°C making it suitable for a wide variety of elevated-temperature applications such as filament for incandescent light bulbs and cutting tools.

Telex Metals offers pure tungsten in vacuum grade (99.9%+) for superalloy, CVD and other critical applications at a competitive price. Air-melt grade is also available.

In addition to selling metals, Telex can also toll convert your tungsten-containing scrap or secondary raw materials, providing a renewed source of raw material further reducing your raw material costs—and enhancing your bottom line. When required, we also provide certified destruction services.

Along with tungsten, we provide reliable sourcing of other minor metals at highly competitive prices, including:

Since we obtain much of our stock through our scrap metal business and state-of-the-art recycling processes, we offer consistent availability and a better tungsten price for you. From just-in-time delivery and inventory management to competitive pricing, extended payment terms and spot market/prepaid options, Telex Metals works with your business for maximum cost-efficiency. And because our metals are ethically sourced, you can buy with confidence.

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