Our Team

Matt Danish

Chief Executive Officer

Matt founded Telex Metals with the goal of building an economically sustainable, U.S.-based metal recycling, manufacturing and refining company.

A member of the metals recycling industry for more than 14 years, Matt’s leadership has helped spearhead the growth of Telex. Matt has incorporated a strategic sourcing and process technology approach that facilitates the cost-effective conversion of raw materials into premium consumables for customers. Matt and his team have built the company to meet customers’ key business needs by providing security of supply, settlement transparency and the integrity to honor commitments despite changing market conditions.

Going forward, Matt plans to continue to grow Telex Metals by adding professionals who share his passion for the industry and customer service while also integrating metal powders into the company’s lineup to meet the needs of such evolving industries as 3-D printing. With a focus on refractory metals and presence in multiple markets and industries, Matt’s dream of creating a sustainable U.S.-based manufacturing company is now a reality.

Phone: 215-781-6335

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